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Like so many other businesses out there, does yours operate under the 'if it's not broken, why fix it?" mentality? Maybe your office has little piles of clutter everywhere; maybe it is very tidy with supplies tucked away in cabinets; but is your work environment functional?

Does your staff trip over each other putting packages together in your mailroom?
Do they draw straws to see who is going to brave the supply closet to dig out materials?

How many times a week does your staff need to replace paper in the copier or printer? How often does that happen in the middle of a timely project? Is your copy paper stored near your printers and copiers? If not, give it a try! You will be amazed at the time and frustration that something so simple will cut down on.

The most important part about any office design is that it functions. When you place your staff in a functional space, their productivity goes up and stress level goes down.

If your business is ready to get In Order!, give us a call.

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